Q. Can I order oils not listed on your website?

A. Yes, send us an email with your request and we will inform you of its availability and if it’s a special order.

Q. Do you make the oils yourself?

A. No, we do not manufacture the oil however we hand pick all of the scents we sell on the site. We have also been mixing and blending oils for over 25 years and have developed some of the most outstanding fragrances. (Custom fragrances are upon request).

Q. Can I have my oil placed in a fancy bottle instead of a regular bottle?

A. Yes, some charges may apply but in most cases it is free. Please be specific as to the type of bottle and size.

Q. Do you sell fragrances for women?

A. At the present time we do not categorize our fragrances by gender but there are many fragrances we sell that are suitable for men and woman alike especially in the Musk/Misk section.

Q. How do you package the oil?

A. We package the oils in a gift bag or box.